Eco Tomato Growing

Producing fantastic British Tomatoes in Hertfordshire

Local and Flavoursome Eco Tomatoes

By embracing successful and innovative new farming techniques Guy and Wright has become a front runner in creating a “green” business. The eco tomatoes have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the UK, whilst also delivering on taste and flavour.

Minimising our carbon footprint

Our tomatoes are produced with heat generated from our own bio fuel. Our onsite engines are powered with the methane gas produced by our anaerobic digester which generates electricity and hot water to heat our glass houses. We use our CO2 emissions from the engines to enhance plant growth within the glass houses.

Our friend, The Bee & Biological Control

As soon as the flowers start to open, we introduce hives of bumble bees. The bees are a very important part of our workforce, diligently flying from flower to flower and helping to pollinate all our plants. All our bees are supplied through “National England”.

Working silently alongside our bees are the insects which make up our biological control. In simple terms this means we introduce good bugs whose favourite diet is any bad bugs that may be lurking among the crop. This is a win-win situation.